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Marsden Exhibitions

Marsden Exhibitions designed, built and installed its first exhibition stand in 1996. From inception, we delivered a ‘customer-first’ attitude and ‘best-in-class’ solutions for our clients. Over the following years, we worked with the following companies in the UK, Europe and the around the globe:

Our Clients

In 2003, Marsden Exhibitions came under the umbrella of Marsden Direct Group of Companies. We aspire to the vision of creative and innovative excellence and we have taken the time to invest in our people to support driving sustainable growth. Culturally, we commit to:


We perform with honesty and strong moral principles...


We are open, truthful and sincere...


We have a disposition of goodwill, warmth and kindness...


We endeavour to be outstanding in our field… 'best in class' for our clients!

… and we are mindful of the impact our industries have on the environment and we endeavour to leave a positive legacy in every way we operate.

Headquartered in Loughborough, Leicestershire, today we continue to serve clients with best-in-class exhibition service solutions from shell schemes to larger bespoke exhibition stands – utilising modular, bespoke or hybrid solutions – in the UK, Europe and globally

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