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No, not that PM (Rishi wouldn’t return our calls), Caitlin Harding is the Project Manager for Bespoke Solutions here at Marsden Exhibitions. 

We sat down with her to get an insight into what it takes to manage a project like our recent Carlisle Fluids build and how she exceeds the clients expectation every time!

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Hey caitlin, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role in this project?

My name is Caitlin, I look after the bespoke department here at Marsden. We design and install over 70 bespoke stands per year. 

After taking the brief from our client, we produced an incredible stand design to meet their requirements technically, aesthetically and functionally. Once signed off, we collaborated on technical elements of the stand and the production team got to work. Onsite, we installed over a 3 day period and handed over to a very happy client the day before the show. 


What were the initial requirements put forward by Carlisle Fluid Technologies for the exhibition stand and what were they looking to achieve? 

The key requirement for the client was to have an open feel to the stand to attract footfall, whilst also allowing space for over 20 of their products to be exhibited at the show. The client was keen to feature messaging and digital media such as TV screens to enhance communications with visitors. 


How did you approach the design process for this particular stand? 

After taking a brief from the client, I spoke with our incredible inhouse design team to develop an understanding of Carlisle’s requirements whilst contributing my creative ideas and practical knowledge from previous experience. The design then went through a series of amends, adapting to the clients’ needs. Once finalised we, created a final render with client artwork to communicate the finished design. 


What were the key elements in the design that made this stand unique and bespoke? 

All structural elements on this stand were produced by bespoke manufacturing. Product plinths had to be reinforced and sized to meet client exhibit requirements. We imposed bespoke LED lighting to illuminate and enhance their products. We produced bespoke shelving again to meet sizing and weight requirements of products whilst ensuring therefore was ample storage for cables, coffee machines, and personal items. We added a large circular hanging banner so our clients stand could be spotted easily from across the hall which increases footfall.


Take a look at the 3D render produced for carlisle below or have a walk around it yourself in augmented realityon your smartphone by tapping the “aR” button.


Were there any specific challenges or requirements that influenced the design?

The clients’ products hugely influenced the design here as the structure of the stand design had to implement the clients products, whilst ensuring messaging and branding could still be seen on the wall structures.

Was there a particular moment or decision that was pivotal to the project’s success?

When the client arrived onsite and was ecstatic with the quality of the stand finish and how it looked exactly like the design we have produced. I personally look forward to working on future projects with Carlisle and their fantastic team.

What materials were chosen for the stand, and why were these specific materials selected?

We selected the most appropriate structural materials based on wall heights, product weights and functionality of the space.
With regards to artwork, we selected media that was most suitable for the images and messaging that the client provided. The media selection process is vital to stand design as it can impact the final finish of the stand. We go through a series of internal processes to ensure this is appropriately selected.

It looks like quite a technical build. Were there any innovative technologies or techniques employed in the construction of the stand?

The client had an extreme amount of technicalities for us to consider with their stand. They exhibited over 20 products, all of which required power or compressed air. As each product was a different size and weight, we had to consider this when building plinths reinforcing the floor and ensuring the location of products were finalised for not only technical purposes but graphical purposes too.

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Build Underway and 24 hours to opening.
Interview With The PM 5
Hanging banner draws attention to the stand.

The finished product was certainly something to be proud of from both teams. If you have some ideas that you would like to discuss with Caitlin, please get in touch!

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Interview With The PM

No, not that PM (Rishi wouldn’t return our calls), Caitlin Harding is the Project Manager for Bespoke Solutions here at Marsden Exhibitions.  We sat down with her

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