National Painting and Decorating Show


1 Nov 2023
3 Nov 2023


Ricoh Arena, UK

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14 x 4

Qtech 1


QTech, a leading innovator in the painting and decorating industry, approached our team to design and build a standout exhibition stand for the National Painting and Decorating Show, one of the largest events in the sector. The client aimed to showcase their latest products and technologies while creating an immersive and memorable experience for attendees.

The primary challenge was to create a modular and versatile stand design that could accommodate various product displays, interactive demo stations, and effectively communicate QTech’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Our Approach

Our team devised a comprehensive solution centred around a modular stand design that seamlessly integrated custom top-illuminated product displays, eye-catching lightbox graphics, and interactive demo stations.

  1. Modular Stand Design: We created a modular structure that allowed for flexibility in layout and reconfiguration to adapt to different exhibition spaces. This not only optimised the use of space but also provided scalability for future events.

  2. Top-Illuminated Product Displays: To highlight QTech’s products, we designed custom top-illuminated displays that showcased the items from various angles, attracting attention and enhancing the overall visual appeal of the stand. The lighting not only accentuated the products but also created a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

  3. Lightbox Graphics: Lightbox graphics with the client’s logo was incorporated into the stand design. These graphics served as attention-grabbing focal points, effectively communicating QTech’s brand identity to event attendees.

  4. Demo Stations: Interactive demo stations were seamlessly integrated into the stand, allowing visitors to experience QTech’s products firsthand. Each demo station was separated offering a semi-private space.

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Project Management

Joe Holt

Stand Design

Krzystof Jankowiak


Alisha Gordon

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