In the world of trade shows our modular exhibition stands stand apart as reusable superheroes: adaptable, impactful, and surprisingly budget-friendly.

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What is a Modular Exhibition Stand?

At the heart of our Modular Exhibition Stands lies the T3 frame system—an ingenious blend of lightweight aluminium and boundless adaptability. These stands offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor sizes, shapes, and designs to meet your unique vision while 

at it's core

We believe our modular stands offer one of the most sustainable and socially responsible exhibition stands on the market.

We are incredibly proud to be the first in our industry to switch all in-house printing to HP Latex water-based printers and inks.


Our modular stands use standardised, reusable parts, reducing waste and leaving a smaller ecological footprint.


Aluminium frame that can be used time and time again, and 100% recycled at end of life.


All of our used flooring is donated to charity projects and are used to provide flooring to those most vulnerable in our communities.

HP Latex Printing

Water-based ink contains no harsh chemicals or solvents like VOCs.


How our exhibition modular system Works

A seamless fusion of form and function. Our aluminium frame, effortlessly customisable, serves as the canvas for your brand’s story. The graphics, meticulously printed on board, create a visual seamless canvas for your brand. Our in-house HP Latex printer ensures vibrant, sustainable prints, setting your brand apart in the crowded exhibition landscape.

From conception to execution, Marsden Exhibitions takes care of it all. We handle the design, manufacturing, transportation, construction, and dismantling, all in-house. Whether you opt for shell systems or space-only configurations, rest assured, your exhibition stand will be a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

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Let's discuss your project

We respect your data, we will never spam you, sell or share your data.