What does a creative brief for an exhibition stand design look like?


We recently asked our 3D creative lead, Bart, to tell us how he has helped our clients better understand how to write a perfect exhibition stand brief. Based on his long-term experience and vast knowledge of the exhibition industry he created this guide – and we thought it was a good idea to share it! 

Here are Bart’s words:

“What is the purpose of an exhibition stand brief? I see it as a platform between the client and the designer. The stream of information ought to be the essence of the client’s expectations. The perfect brief drives designer creativity in the right direction which, in the end, is beneficial to the client and the designer.  Let’s try to find all the important information which should be included in the perfect brief. 

The overview.
This should include all details about the company, profile, logo, and web address etc. That allows me to find all helpful information and gives a clue about the specifics of the business. Every industry demands a different approach to the stand. The car industry company stand will look completely different from the stand of the fashion company. 

It is crucial to know the budget before the creation process starts. That helps to set the design in the right value brackets. I will use suitable resources and materials to deliver the design accurately to the available budget.

Show name and venue details.
That information helps to realise transport costs and consider them in the design process.  

Size and location.
Without this information, I will not start my job. I need to know the stand size and stand position in the hall. After studying the floor plan, I can place the stand focal point in the right place. Knowing the venue and location I can find applicable regulations. It is important to know how high the stand can be, where utility channels are, and whether we can use a suspended structure.

What is the company aiming for?
There are several reasons why the companies are taking part in the event. Meeting clients (B2C), meeting other businesses (B2B), presenting the product, selling the product, or establishing a position in the market are the most common. Every factor demands a different approach to the design and determines the stand look.  

Displaying method.
As I mentioned above, showing the product is often an important purpose desired by clients. Every exhibited product demands a different method and often this factor determines my idea about the stand. To show the importance of that factor, imagine an IT company wanting to show their new software. I’m going to use some presentation tables with computers, maybe a video wall or TV screens. 

Other measures I will use when the client wants to show their shiny, brand-new tires. In this case, a nice shaped, lit plinth would be perfect. I will not forget to design some space for infographics or display screens.

Product details.
How big is the tyre? How many of them can I squeeze onto the stand? I wouldn’t have known if our lovely client didn’t give me the dimensions (or in the perfect world 3D model). I don’t need to know the name of the rubber which the tire is made from, but I need to know the dimensions.

Mood board.
Usually, I can see the style preferred by a specific client. I just need to follow the website style and be consistent with the brand guide. Rarely I’ve got very specific guidelines about what the exhibition stands to look like. Sometimes a client wants “something different” so I can propose a “theme” stand. All that is fine, but if you ask me what the best way is to show me the right aesthetic direction – I will – pictures! These days you can easily find everything on the internet, so everyone can find examples of his perfect-looking stand and send it to me so I can find a way to create his/her dreamy stand.

I think that’s it. I have briefly given you some hints to create a perfect brief. Perfect brief increasing chances to have a perfect stand for you”



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